Kingaroy Solar Farm - Why so close to Our Community and on Fertile Soil??

Kingaroy Solar Farm - Why so close to Our Community and on Fertile Soil??

2 August 2022
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Kingaroy Solar Farm - Why so close to Our Community and on Fertile Soil? – We Need Your Support!!

Greek Multinational Mytilineos (Merged With Metka EGN) acquired project rights from the original project developer (Terrain Solar) to start construction towards the end of September 2022 at 397 Kingaroy-Barkers Creek Road (estimated 2km from the town centre) Kingaroy Solar Farm Gets Green Light . Terrain Solar/Metka EGN are currently Supplying Coles  supermarkets with Electricity.


(1) Mytilineos states: "The response from the local community to the project has been overwhelmingly positive" Read more: Community receives solar farm answers (Burnett Today)

As Neighbours of the Kingaroy Solar Farm we disagree. - WE NEED YOUR HELP! - To highlight that this is a misrepresentation of us, members of the South Burnett community, are not “overwhelmingly positive” about having a solar farm located close to our homes. 


(2) Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines are written by the QLD Government to help industry project proponents work with communities and stakeholders outlining what to expect. The aim of this is to achieve positive outcomes for both as the projects develop. These guidelines currently only offer a practical guidance and engagement framework, and are currently NOT supported by any law or legislative entity to regulate the establishment of a social license to operate. Currently there is no way hold the project proponent to account for the way in which they engage with the host community pre, during and post the construction of a solar farm. 

South Burnett Regional Council are advocating for stricter enforcement and regulation of the solar farm guidelines to ensure project proponents are held accountable for developing and maintaining a social license to operate, and to establish a meaningful community benefit fund that adequately compensates the community for the disruption and impact caused pre, during and post the construction of the site. Read more: Council to voice people's solar farm concerns (Burnett Today) - OUR COUNCIL NEEDS YOUR HELP! - To lobby the State Government to enforce the Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines and appoint an appropriate regulatory body. 


(3) Our community will soon live too close to large solar panels and right next door to large inverters and a substation. Neighbours of the solar farm are suffering from stress and anxiety due to the disruption this development has caused to their quiet country lifestyle and dreams of retirement. We have worked really hard and seek to either retire soon or are already enjoying retirement in this perfect, welcoming, rural, relaxing surround with medical and other help nearby, overlooking agricultural land. Good quality agricultural land should be preserved and protected as per the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan, State Planning Policy and the desired environmental outcomes of the planning scheme used to feed the country (as per the state government planning policy). As Neighbours of the Solar Farm We wish for Mytilineos to consider and support us with our concerns:

  • Mental Health (good collaboration with neighbours) 
  • Increased heavy Traffic (potholes in roads, narrow winding road)
  • Property Value (compensation/buyout/assistance to rental losses)
  • Company Social Licence (communicate with us and make promises to help us all) 
  • Floodwater runoff (sediment/contaminants blocking our waterways)
  • Sediment pond cleaning (no contamination downstream)
  • Vegetation (work with local nursery to introduce non-invasive plants)
  • Landscape views (protect our rural views, coverage)
  • Timeframe (inform us what will happen when
  • Electromagnetic fields (pacemakers & other lifesaving devices, buzzing from transformers nearby houses & health effects)
  • Dust, Heat, Noise (from piling and other construction activities)

!!HELP US!! By signing this petition:

(1) You agree our (Kingaroy) community is misrepresented and we are not "overwhelmingly positive" about having a solar farm roughly 2 km from town. Solar farms are better suited elsewhere away from our town and not on prime agricultural land.

(2) You endorse our local Council in that the State Government must ensure renewable energy project proponents proactively engage with our community and council in the design and decision-making process of all renewable energy projects, in all stages of the development including pre, during and post construction and the state government seeks a community contribution fee to be paid by the developers.  

(3) You Share our concerns and ask for Mytilineos to follow the solar farm guidelines and address the community concerns appropriately. 


Join us at our next community meeting: Thursday 11 August 5:00 PM - 1913 Room Edward Street Kingaroy

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Signatures: 515Next goal: 1,000
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