King of Spain should stop Copa S. M. El Rey for annual galgo coursing championship, Spain


Thousands of galgos are bred annually to produce the champion for El Campeonato de Espana de Galgos en Campo Copa Su Majestad El Rey. When the annual hare coursing season is over in January, thousands of galgos are abandoned or killed inhumanely because they are no longer useful to the galgueros (galgo owners/breeders competing in hare coursing). 

Abandoned galgos can be left to roam as strays, often ending up the victims of road traffic accidents.  Some will be discarded down deep dry wells in the countryside or killed by other cruel means. If they are saved by a rescue shelter, they have often suffered neglect, serious injury or have been brood bitches.

The regal position of King Felipe VI of Spain should not be linked to the annual coursing championship through the Copa Su Majestad El Rey.  This annual championship conceals widespread unscrupulous breeding, exploitation, neglect, injury and death.  The international spotlight is very much on this issue as word of mouth spreads literally and via social media.

We the undersigned urge King Felipe VI to withdraw the King’s permission for El Campeonato de Espana de Galgos en Campo to benefit from the Copa Su Majestad El Rey. This would certainly be more befitting of his reign over a modern society in the twenty first century.

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  • King Felipe VI of Spain

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