Say No to Open a Coronavirus Quarantine Facility in Kent, WA

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King County Public Health Department has taken steps without consultation or discussions with City of Kent public officials over the past few months to acquire the Econo Lodge at 1233 Central Ave North, Kent, WA 98032, to serve as one of several Coronavirus Quarantine facilities to serve all of King County, which is planned to hold individuals under voluntary quarantine if they are infected with the Coronavirus.

This means that anyone infected with Coronavirus can come and go as they please from this facility, and as of today, the Kent Police Department has no jurisdiction or power to prevent any infected person(s) who registers into the facility from leaving the facility before cleared by health officials. The King County Public Health Department has not officially notified the City of Kent government officials, the Kent Police Department, or the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority of their plans to establish this facility, nor have they offered any specific plans that takes the health and safety of every Kent resident, visitors, and our public servants into consideration. Instead, the existing plan the King County Public Health Department has been working with is weak.

To make matters worse, the City of Kent public officials discovered the plan through a third-party. King County Public Health Department is trying to sell this plan to our community by stating that the facility will also serve homeless persons, and individuals with drug and alcohol abuse problems. But, this site should not be used for these types of services since this will also place a hardship and overburden our public safety services, Police, Fire & Rescue.

Kent is a multicultural and highly diverse city, but this does not qualify us to be the dumping ground of Coronavirus patients to be voluntarily housed as opposed to other more affluent areas of King County. We must reject this blatant assault and disrespect of our community, and demand that King County Public Health Department and the King County Council find a facility outside of populated areas to serve as sites for isolation and quarantine of Coronavirus infected persons.

We must applaud and acknowledge the City of Kent officials and leaders who took the initiative and moral high-ground to speak out publicly and inform the public about this serious concern. Thank you!

You can access the press briefing by the City of Kent public officials regarding this matter at the following url:

Kent officials announce coronavirus quarantine site at motel

The planned Coronavirus Quarantine site is located near the following locations: Carpinito Brothers, Bowen-Scarff Ford-Lincoln, Kent Bowl, Denny's Restaurant, 7-11, Central Flats Apartments, Alderbrook Apartments, Berkley Heights Apartments, Extended Stay America Seattle-Kent, and the on-and-off ramps of SR 167.

Please sign this petition, share with your friends and family, and ensure that citizen action is taken to force the King County Public Health Department and the King County Council to scrap this plan and find a facility(ies) outside of populated areas.