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Impose an emergency ban on sale and use of consumer fireworks for this Independence Day, 2015 in urban unincorporated North Highline and West Hill areas.

In the spirit of the freedom we celebrate on July 4th and the democracy it represents, those of us who are worried about our homes and properties in this unprecedented season of hot weather and drought wish to see incendiary devices, including fireworks, banned this year as an extension of the burn ban.

  1. Most of the fireworks used in these areas are not legal. Therefore, although charity stands will lose business, most of our fireworks are purchased on reservations.
  2. Our fireworks "season" lasts from the time devices go on sale (June 28) until at least two weeks after.
  3. King County Sheriff's Office simply cannot enforce any of the rules, especially on the 4th, with the number of deputies serving these areas. Even in a "normal" year, both fire and law enforcement budgets are badly stressed by July 4th.
  4. On the 4th, the population in our unregulated fireworks zones grossly expands as outsiders flood in to detonate their devices.
  5. Fire Districts are limited to fire and medical response. They have no enforcement capabilities as related to fireworks.
  6. In addition to drought, we have a shortage of water.
  7. Roadsides are un-mowed due to budget cuts affecting King County Roads Maintenance.
  8. Bank-owned, foreclosed houses with overgrown grass are prime targets for fires that could jeopardize entire neighborhoods.
  9. Neighboring cities offer impressive professional shows for everyone's enjoyment. Gene Coulon Park has quite a show:
  10. Public safety comes first. We want to be proactive about preventing a potential tragedy in an unprecedented year.


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  • King County Fire Marshal
  • Executive Dow Constantine
  • Washington State Fire Marshal
    Lysandra Davis

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