Stop King County’s White Center Coronavirus Facility

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Last night, King County quietly announced the location of the county’s first isolation facility for coronavirus patients: 206 SW 112th Street in White Center.

While other facilities are supposedly planned in other King County communities, this announcement sadly echoes the experience White Center residents have consistently had. The county fails to provide adequate services, and when it does give us attention, it’s in the form of saddling us with what it can’t foist on the rest of the county, like coronavirus patients. This is a pattern of neglect and exploitation that goes back decades.

Our hearts go out to those suffering from this deadly disease, and to families who have lost loved ones. But we must push back against bureaucratic decisions that fail to take our own well-being into account. We are not the dumping ground of King County. We have a beautiful, thriving, diverse community here in White Center. Among our neighbors are elderly folks and others especially vulnerable to coronavirus, many living adjacent to the planned facility. Is it right that they should fear for their lives because King County plans to deliver the virus right to their doorstep? And why this neighborhood, rather than other King County communities? Is it because we’re poorer and less white? Sadly, we suspect it is.

Therefore, we demand King County immediately stop its opening of a coronavirus isolation facility in White Center.

We demand a public process to determine the appropriateness of such a location.

We demand to have a say in the health of our community.

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