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We Will End "Pay to Play" FOREVER.

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If you would like your community to be considered for our Solar Power Pledge program initial pilot, simply sign the petiton and let us know. This program is designed to reduce or eliminate the cost for all afterschool and many classroom programs using renewable energy funding generated by your community. Green just got a lot better.

How we make green do more.

kindredSun™'s Solar Power Pledge program creates a legal platform for community ownership of a percentage of the solar revenues produced by the communities homes and businesses that participate in our program. By sharing locally produced solar energy profits from every solar system installed on participating homes or business "in your community, with your community" we can provide hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in renewable annual school program funding for decades to come.

When green does more.

Students and their parents won't have to worry about the cost of after school or extra-curricular programs, what we like to call "kitchen table stress" will go down. They do not have to find the time and make the effort it takes to run never ending fundraising campaigns they can concentrate on their school work and focus on their extracurricular interests. Who knows maybe even volunteer for charitable work in their community.

"Harnessing a force of nature to save our school programs."

No strings attached. It is your community's money, period. Our filed patent applications protect your community's interests by providing an Iron clad legal ownership of community solar revenues based on measured energy, not profit sharing promises, or any form of business partnership with kindredSun™ or anyone else.

A gift that literally keeps on giving. It is a gift from kindredSun™ and our partners to your community’s families and their schools. As long as the sun comes up the money will be there − simple. 

Optionally, if interested you can fund our pilot campaign via GoFundMe at www.gofundme/kindredsun.

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