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Stop gender stereotyping

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The original Kinder Eggs had gender neutral toys that everyone loved. This company should not be making products that perpetuate outdated stereotypes of girls. 

Children should be growing up in a society that allows them to be whatever they choose, and products such as these Kinder Eggs create a set of standards that young children subconciously feel they have to achieve.  A little girl should be accepted if she likes playing with cars or other toys that are typically for boys, and a boy should be able to dress up a doll without being ridiculed.

This is why I feel that Kinder making these Kinder Eggs For Girls is completely unacceptable.

I'm asking you to sign my petition to make Ferrero Rocher change the packaging of their product.  If they removed "For Girls" from the wrappers and boxes it would send a great message to young children everywhere.

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