8 year old Alyssa has every right to take her Emergency Medication on the bus to school

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Alyssa is an 8 year old child. Since age 5 she has had uncontrolled seizures. She has Grand mal seizures and focal seizures. Alyssa has two emergency medications that her doctors have ordered that are to be with her at all times. Before the seizures started Alyssa rode the bus to school and loved it! The seizures kept her from riding  the bus in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Now in 2nd grade, there has been some improvement with her Grand mal seizures, they are less frequent. Still the doctors orders are to keep the 2 emergency medications with her at all time.

Alyssa started riding the bus to school again in fall of 2015. She was overjoyed and loves to ride the bus. It gives her joy, a sense of normalcy and always starts  her day off with a smile. since she started riding the bus again this is what we do with the med pack that contains the 2 emergency medicines. I hand it to the bus driver.  Once the bus is at the school, the bus driver hands it to Alyssas 1-to-1 aide (paraprofessional). The aide then takes it in the school and gives it to the school nurse. For the trip home it just goes in backwards order. The medication is never in any childs hands or in a position for a child to get ahold of. An adult always has control of the medications. This has been working so far.

This morning the school principal Mr. Kris Maleske and the district nurse Vicky Wright told me that it is against protocol and that Alyssa may continue to ride the bus but her medication will no longer be allowed on the bus. It is emergency medication ordered to be with the child at all times. Their choice to not allow the medication on the bus, in turn means that I cannot put Alyssa on that bus because putting her on the bus without her medications will put her in danger. So ultimately, they cannot say Alyssa her self cant ride the bus because she has seizures...because that would be discrimination. However by saying her medications cannot go on the bus, and since i cannot separate her from her medications without putting her in harms way....they know Alyssa wont be on the bus.

How would you feel if your child had doctor prescribed emergency medications for a life threatening condition and your school was saying that the child cannot have those medications with the child. I currently have no choice but to stop putting her on the bus until this is resolved. She will be devastated when she finds out she cannot ride the bus.  I do not plan to give up. I have already put calls in to her doctors and talked to the 911 dispatch center who has confirmed that if the childs emergency medications are with her that the EMS personnel will administer them. My child may have  a medical condition that requires her to have emergency medication with her at all times, But i believe she is still entitled to equal treatment and should not be kept off of the schools bus system simply because of her medical condition requiring her to have this medicine with her at all times. 

Please If you believe that Alyssa should be able to continue to ride the bus with the safety of having those medications at the front of the bus with the driver so EMS has access to her medications (which EMS does not carry on the ambulance) please sign this to send a message to the Mattoon Community school district #2  that their "protocols" do not superseded a doctors orders or a childs right to have medication with her to stop the really bad seizures.

Feel free to make calls to support Alyssa being able to take her medications with her wherever she goes including the bus.

Mr. Maleske principal- 217-238-2800

District Nurse, Vicky Wright 217-238-7815


 I have been told by one of the signers. That after you sign the petition that it is asking if you want to make a monetary donation.  To be very very clear, we are NOT asking for any money. Just check no thank you. I looked in settings and dont see an area to disable it asking you that. We dont want money. We want Alyssa back on the bus with her med pack ASAP. :)

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