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Cancel production of Britain's Hardest Grafter

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In recent years, there has been a distinct rise in the amount of “poverty porn” on television, where the unemployed, the under-employed and those on minimum wage are exploited and mocked for the entertainment of those financially better off. This trend included shows such as “Benefits Street” and serves little purpose other than to demonise and alienate those who rely on welfare payments to survive, provide scapegoats for hate and antagonise viewers.

The latest instalment in this trend of “poverty porn” is Britain’s Hardest Grafter. Bribing young people, who have very little, to compete against each other to “prove [their] abilities” is degrading and humiliating, and should not have a place in 21st century entertainment. The people who are eligible to appear on the show are precisely those who are the most vulnerable in society – the unemployed and working poor – and exploiting them in this way is morally disgraceful. Manipulating these people into showing “just how hard [they] work” denies them their humanity and treats them like animals, instead of the people that they are.

No person should have to “prove” themselves to be given a living wage.

No person should be exploited by the media to entertain the more privileged in society.

We should not be scapegoating our youth, our disabled, and our unemployed and stereotyping our most vulnerable, solely for the cheap laughs it provides on television.

Our unemployed and working poor need our compassion and solidarity, not us pointing and laughing at them for trying to earn enough to survive in an increasingly brutal society.

This behaviour is unacceptable in the 21st century.

 We call on those responsible for this show to cancel its production. Further, we demand that they fully commit to avoiding “poverty porn” and instead focus on shows which treat the most vulnerable people in our society with the respect and compassion they deserve.

For more information, and for examples of the adverts quoted above, please see this article:

An example of one of the adverts can also be seen in the attached photo

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