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The Goa Trail Run (10K & 21K, and 7.5K Fun Run), a commercial event where you #PayToRun, is scheduled for Sunday 18 August 2019 on the Socorro Plateau, Porvorim, Goa. The brochure claims, “It is a wonderful route in the wilderness through dense forest and grasslands with thousands of wildflowers. … It is on the Socorro Plateau in Porvorim, a virgin, unspoiled wonderland; an oasis in the very middle of Goa’s fastest-growing urban area.… participants will be lightly treading through dense forests, dirt trails and pristine grasslands dotted with thousands of tiny, colourful wild flowers. They will see nature at its finest, and hear calls of peacocks and cries of lapwings as they race to the finish.

We, the Biodiversity Action Network of Goa (BANG), would like to bring to everyone's notice that for the very reasons mentioned in the brochure, THE RUN WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE to this fragile and ecologically rich area, the SOCORRO PLATEAU. It has already been CLASSIFIED AS ECO-1 AND ECO-2 CLASS OF ECO-SENSITIVE ZONES as per current land use classification.
This time of year, you find lots of ground nesting birds with countless eggs so well camouflaged, even experts find them difficult to locate. The tiny chicks running around so carefree, not knowing that within just a few days, THEIR FATE COULD BE TRAMPLED UNDER A RUNNING SHOE!!

  • The grassland where 224 species of birds have been recorded (it ranks #12 in Goa in bird species count), plays host to extremely rare migrant raptors including the Eastern Imperial Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, Black Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Shaheen Falcon, Montagu’s Harrier, Pallid Harrier, White-eyed Buzzard, Common Buzzard etc.
  • It is also the time of formation of tall grasses which is food for grasshoppers, locusts and other insects which in turn provide food for several indigenous birds that inhabit the Plateau, as well as the chicks, which are waiting to hatch from the Lapwing eggs. They also provide much-needed sustenance to the above mentioned, international long-distance migrant birds. It is a well known fact, that GRASS ONCE TRAMPLED UPON, DOES NOT GROW BACK.
  • Several mammals have been recorded here, including Wild Boar, Black-naped Hare, Indian crested Porcupine, Indian Grey Mongoose as well as Leopard. Apart from these are Indian Black Turtles & Indian Flapshell Turtles, Monitor Lizards and several species of frogs, the Socorro Plateau is the perfect habitat for several snake species, including the Indian Rock Python, Whitaker’s Boa, Rat Snake, Saw-Scale Viper, Russel’s Viper and the Spectacled Cobra.
  • The Peacocks, the Turtles, Pythons, Russel’s viper  are SCHEDULE 1 and SCHEDULE 2 PROTECTED SPECIES AS PER WILDLIFE ACT 1972 (Schedule I and part II of Schedule II provide absolute protection - offences under these are prescribed the highest penalties).

At a time when the world is crying out to save our planet, do we really want to be doing this? The Socorro Plateau may be a microcosm, but IT IS OUR NATURAL HERITAGE and it is incumbent upon us to save it at any cost. THE RUN, IF ALLOWED TO HAPPEN WILL OPEN THE FLOODGATES FOR OTHER SUCH EVENTS. We will lose yet another place that is protected, balances the environment and is also a WATER RESOURCE TO 8 ADJACENT VILLAGES, like any other plateau.

To quote the brochure again, the Socorro Plateau is “a virgin, unspoiled wonderland, an oasis in the very middle of Goa’s fastest-growing urban area.”
LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY and #StopSocorroTrailRun

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