The Mollie & Maggie Movement

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On the evening of November 1, 2019, our beautiful German Shepherd dogs were killed by a heartless human being in Hopkinton IA. We let them out, they ran off and we could not find them anywhere. We came to find out the horrific fate of our two girls - Mollie & Maggie were both shot in the head by a cruel human being.

The reason we are bringing this to people's attention, is because the heartless human that did this cannot go to jail. Under Iowa law, 351.26. Right and duty to kill untagged dog - It shall be lawful for any person, and the duty of all peace officers within their respective jurisdictions unless such jurisdiction shall have otherwise provided for the seizure and impoundment of dogs, to kill any dog for which a rabies vaccination tag is required, when the dog is not wearing a collar with rabies vaccination tag attached.

Weeks before our innocent dogs were murdered, Mollie had her rabies tags on. Maggie wasn't even 6 months old!! Because they didn't have them on at the time of their death, this sick human gets to walk away with no charges of animal cruelty. To give you all a little insight of how sick and cruel he is, he would not admit he killed them. "It is highly doubtful you will see them again." "If I produce the dogs, will this be the end of it? You wont come back and sue me?" "You better keep that black dog locked up or she's next." These aren't even half of the gut wrenching remarks he made to us. He knew they were our dogs and still decided to do this. We believe he called them over, held them by the collar, then shot them in the head. Mollie and Maggie would never hurt a fly. There were no livestock where he killed them. His excuse: he was bow hunting(Illegally by the way) and they were bothering him.

There will be the arguments that we should have been more responsible. We were trying our best. We have been saving up for an underground fence - We even bought a wireless fence, which they would walk right through. Each day we would lock them up because we knew they needed to stay home. Our dogs ran off being dogs. They would play in the river and run throughout the corn. This time they went too far, but this does certainly not justify his actions as they were not doing anything wrong to any livestock or property.

Please help us bring attention to this tragedy in hopes that we can better the animal cruelty laws in Iowa. They both had bright orange collars on, along with their name tags clearly showing they had a home, but according to Iowa law this was justified.

Our girls did not deserve what happened to them. No animal deserves this! We need to stand up for our four legged friends - they don't have a voice.

We are calling all animal lovers. Please sign in hopes that Governor Reynolds sees this and that we can change Iowa's laws for the better. A slap on the wrist or getting away with nothing will not change things for the better and sick human beings like this will keep doing this to innocent animals. Like I stated above, no animal deserves this!