Everybody deserves a second chance

Everybody deserves a second chance

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On January 11, 2006 sadly there was a loss of life. This was the life of 26 year old John in an unfortunate event. On that evening John, his brother, and a crew of family and friends were called to a scene at Nikias' Delicatessen to help his cousin who had been jumped. Johns' brother testified under oath that they were drinking, and doing cocaine at a Bar when they received that phone call. Arriving at the scene John confronted one of the guys who jumped his cousin and told him to fight his cousin one on one. So the two proceeded to fight with 30-40 on-lookers watching. Unaware of any of these events Norris Phillips, a 19 year old kid enrolled in college, was going to pick up the food he had previously called and ordered from the Delicatessen. When he got to the scene he saw these two guys fighting, with everyone else standing around spectating. Doing the right thing Norris tried to break the two guys up from fighting. While doing so, John snuck up from behind him, and sucker punched Norris knocking him unconscious in the middle of the street. Upon regaining consciousness Norris awoke surrounded in a choatic scene in which multiple gang fights were going on, multiple people were running around with guns, and all sorts of knives and weapons were being brandished. Dazed, frightened, and confused Norris saw John walking towards him angry with a blade in his hand. Unknown to Norris, moments before John had just sliced another man's stomach open right before he began to approach him with the same blade. Trying to distance himself from the aggressor Norris backed into a crowd of people fighting behind him. John then swung his blade at Norris' head. Faced with a life or death situation Norris did what any other human being would have done under the same circumstances...he defended himself. When John swung his blade at Norris' head again, Norris pulled out his boyscout pocket knife and swung ONCE in a final attempt to stop a violent assault, and back John up. Unfortunately John lost his life that night. Even though Norris feared for his own life he never intended to take Johns'.He is dearly remorseful for his action that night, and full of regret. This is something he has had to learn to deal with on a day to day basis.He was literally only there to pick up his food. Norris was sent to prison for 15 years to life. A 19 year old kid who had worked at his famalies Day Care Center since he was 13 years old. Who had dreams of being a mechanical engineer, and had no prior criminal history, for doing what any human being would do faced with a life or death situation, in the the same circumstances. Defend themselves. If you agree that Norris Phillips deserves a second chance at freedom please sign here....

(1)Norris Phillips had no prior criminal record. 

(2)He turned himself. 

(3)He has always shown  remorse and taken responsibility for his actions.

(4)He has completed more than 50+ rehabilitation and re-entry class course programs.

(5)He has continued his education and made the Dean's List multiple times in both (YSU) Youngstown State University, and SinClair Community College. Studies have shown students who attended (YSU) while incarcerated have had a 7% recidivism rate, compared to the 75% regular rate.

(6)He has been legally certified through (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

(7)He has completed four advanced (CAD)Computer Aided Drafting class course programs.

(8)He does the maximum amount of community service hours allowed per month.

(9)He is a member of Toastmaster International, and a board member of their TCI charter.CHANGING MINDS 5034-10

(10)He attends community worship services regularly, and has been getting mentored by Deacon Samuel Sparks of The Word Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

(11)He has multiple immediate employment opportunities available, including one as a intern apprentice mechanical technician at a family members auto repair shop. 

John is not the name of the victim who died in this case we did not put the name in this petition out of respect for the victim and his family. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!