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Kancel the Kardashians

We have all been subjected to Kim's mockery of a marriage, watched her spend countless hours planning for a wedding that cost $10 Million, while she banked about $18 Million, and then threw it all down the drain 72 days later when she filed for divorce. A slap in the face of holy matrimony, money wasted that could have been used for good. Enough is enough!

So she has time to plan, but no time to work on her marriage? And we're all worried about the GAYS ruining the sanctity of marriage? Kim Kardashian is a fraud who should not be benefiting from breaking hearts or showcasing her "assets" ANY LONGER!

I'm sick of her profiting from exploiting this relationship. Don't watch her shows, don't buy her products, don't do ANYTHING that has the Kardashian name attached, and maybe we can all FINALLY be rid of this completely talentless money-grubbing reality "star."

Sign this petition to KANCEL THE KARDASHIANS!!!

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