Investigate the wrongful conviction and life sentence of Matthew Sopron. Update the findings of the Conviction Integrity Unit.

Matt Sopron could prove his innocence with a new trial.  In 1998, he was convicted of two murders based on the Illinois accountability law.  He received a life sentence for a crime he had no involvement with, while two others who admitted their involvement at the scene of the murders will be paroled in 2020. 5 boys were charged the day after the crime.  9 months later, Matt and another were charged, based on the lie of one who admitted his guilt.  This guy was given a deal of 25 years instead of the life sentence he deserved. The other 2 "witnesses" recanted telling horror stories of how they were coerced and threatened into lying by the States Attorney Scott Cassidy.  In April 2012, Sopron's lawyer received a letter from Celeste Stack of the Cook County's newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit whose purpose was to look into cases where there could be doubt. She said they would be looking into Matt's conviction.  Since then, there have been no updates.  We would like Kim Fox, the new Cook Co. SA to look into this case and give the family updates.  No person should be given a life sentence when there is no evidence and only one remaining "witness" who had so much to gain by lying. Matt has served 18 years already in a maximum security prison for a crime he did not commit.  Help Matt end this nightmare. For all the facts of this case, read the timeline on  The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Lawyer Magazine and NBC Chicago have all covered this case.  The links are on the website.

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