1​.​2 Million signatures against the Chinese Invasion #OustChina

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We the Citizens of Republic of the Philippines do hereby call to stop the Chinese invasion of the Philippines and prove to Rodrigo Duterte, the #1 Protector of China that there are 1.2 Million Filipinos who are against this compared to his SWS survey that has 1200 respondents. 

Under his one man rule, we lost the whole of the WEST PHILIPINE SEA. Illegal drugs from Communist China flooded the country. The so called fake war on drugs that killed more than 30,000 people is still blowing in the wind. Darkness covered the whole country, no sighting of any rays in the horizon as long as duterte run the ship. Illegal communist chinese are keep on coming by the thousands every week, provided or given a necessary documents like Philippine passports. Gamblings & prostitutions are rampant anywhere in the archipelago operated by illegal communist chinese with the blessing of duterte.

Filipino workers are displaced by illegal communist chinese, from constructions to casino gambling arena. Duterte does not want to close POGO, inspite of negative reaction from politicians, academe, church people and common people. Duterte is a dictator that any sane person can't deny.