Ending No Knock Warrants

Ending No Knock Warrants

March 11, 2019
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KPD Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble and 2 others
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Started by Jumeka Reed

On February 27th, 2019 at 6:11am, Killeen Police Department(KPD) SWAT Unit, executed a " no knock warrant" on my brother's house, James Scott Reed and MURDERED him. At 6:12am, shots were reported fired over the TAC radio; which means this happened within a minute! KPD claims he was shooting at them first, even though there's no documented evidence showing that he was shooting, nor did he had a gun in his hand according to his fiance whom was in the bed sleep with him. His house was shot up more than twenty times, striking James once under his right armpit via his side chest cavity. Multiple officers stated that they heard or seen, James Reed fired multiple shots. A couple of officers stated they heard 2 shots, a couple of them also stated that they heard 3, and one stated he heard 4 shots. Although, James Reed's"alleged gun" had 7 rounds in the partially extracted clip, and one stove pipe cartridge partially ejected out of the chamber. The consistent inconsistencies within the officers statements, confirms that KILLEEN POLICE SWAT UNIT and Texas Rangers, are trying to cover up their wrong doing! We need the nations help; especially, the city of Killeen too. No Knock Warrants are DEATH WARRANTS, and it needs to be stop. There are so many instances to where officers were killed/injured, or the alleged suspect/innocent person is killed. Please help us put a stop to these LEGALIZED ASSASSINATIONS of "no knock warrants"! NOW is the RIGHT time to join in with the movement to banned No Knock warrants nationwide! 

I had the chance to meet with Chief Charles Kimble to discuss the use of no-knock warrants. Chief Kimble informed me, that "there is no particular policy nor procedure on executing a no-knock warrant; but they do have training for it"[quote]. Amongst other questions, I also asked the Chief if he would consider limiting the use of no-knock warrants, and he stated NO. I can empathize if it was a Mob/Cartel, or even a terrorist, that it will cause for the police to execute a no-knock warrant. This violates our 2nd and Fourth Amendment Rights! Fourth Amendment states, no one can enter your home without a search warrant and it requires NOTICE of intent in order to do so. It needs to apply to Texas Law Article 15.24, that no greater FORCE to be use other than what's necessary for the arrest. Only the Legislature can put a cease to these no-knock warrants PERMANENTLY!! WHAT'S THE SUCCESS RATE? No-knock warrants will not achieve when there's people out here worried about someone breaking into their homes in the peak hours in the morning and night. All these officers have to do in order to obtain a no-knock warrant, is to write down that the alleged suspect is dangerous, has a gun, and will destroy evidence. This is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL practice that must stop IMMEDIATELY! If not end it, at least add to the legislation that provides punitive civil & criminal liability for the courts, and officers. If there were any liabilities, they will think twice before signing off, and executing a no-knock warrant.


*It puts the victim/suspect and officers in harms way

*The victim is the one that usually pays the price

*It intensifies an already aggressive situation


*TAXPAYERS foot the bill when something goes wrong 


If you would like to help build a foundation and be part of a movement to PUT A END TO THESE USELESS TACTICS ACROSS THIS NATION, please feel free to contact:  enk.j4s@gmail.com 

FB: E.N.K.- James "Scottie" Reed Foundation 

IG: JusticeForJamesScottReed


E.N.K (EndingNoKnocks) J4S (Justice4Scottie)




* https://youtu.be/OplzWurzqeg

* https://youtu.be/VDShtuIW_xM

* https://m.salisburypost.com/2017/06/07/da-decision-ferguson-laurent-shooting/



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Signatures: 21,417Next Goal: 25,000
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