Allow Free Speech in the UK. End PC Culture.

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The petition I have created is to provide a voice to the British people. We are all sick and tired of being afraid to speak our minds in fear of someone taking offence to what our view or opinion is. I think it is baffling that in 2018 we are being manipulated by our Goverment and Media into not having a voice or opinion in the country we live in .We have Freedom of Speech which protects people in other countries that have worst social conditions than Britain, Britain being one the most accepting countries to live in, it is obtuse that we cannot voice what we are thinking due to the smear and shame that comes along with speaking ones mind. In some cases the law is brought down on individuals, which is bizzare considering words or opinions have never killed anyone. Yet alcohol is legal and many Brits die from alcohol abuse daily, we can't speak our mind because words and free thought are dangerous. 

It is time we were able to voice our opinion no matter who it offends. Someone will always take offense to someone else's opinion. You can't please everyone. 

The political bias is the root cause of this issue within the goverment and especially more so the media. If you're not on the Left then your opinion doesn't matter and they smear and shame until that person no longer has any credibility. 

We want a law passed which allows the British People to voice their opinion and be protected under FREE SPEECH LAW and an end to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition to be put forward to parliament. 

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