Allow grieving parents the freedom to decorate their families graves as they see fit.

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When you lose someone you love it leaves a huge well of pain and hurt inside of you.
Sometimes having a grave for them gives you something to do to keep busy. Something to focus on.
Simple things like erecting a border filled with stones and perhaps putting ornaments down can make you feel like you are actively doing something for them.

This petition has been started becuase Jade Beadle lost her beautiful daughter earlier this year and has finally decorated her daughters grave.
She bought a wooden border and filled it with lovely pink stones for her princess.
The council told her to remove everything except the headtsone.

As a mother who has also lost a baby I know the pain and agony you feel leaving your babys grave. So why should we not be able to decorate it for them?

We canot bring our children home and hear them laugh or cuddle them to sleep.
We light candles and buy small ornaments for them instead.

Allow us the freedom to do this for our children. For mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts. Friends and grandparents.
We PAY for the plot.
We PAY for the funeral.
We PAY for the headstone.
So why can we not decorate this?

I firmly believe that grief is immeasurable and one person has no right to dictate to another how to grieve.
If a person chooses to mark a grave with only a traditional stone then that is perfectly within thier rights.
However if a person chooses to buy items to place there, this too is well within thier own rights.

Please sign and share.
Your signiature might force them to change this decision.
Your signiature might mean that Jade can have the beautiful garden she has created for her daughter.

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