Replace all current Kia Telluride owner’s key fob with new remote start enabled fob.

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This petition is for all current Kia Telluride owners who are frustrated with Kia’s decision to omit the remote start option on the supplied, factory key fob.  

The omission of this feature forces consumers to use an overwhelming disappointing app in order to access a feature that is already pre-installed on the vehicle. Not only that, didn’t we pay for remote start in the purchase price? Why should we be forced to pay a monthly fee to use a feature that we already paid for? 

To add insult to injury, the app (which we are forced to pay for) is poorly designed and riddled with known bugs and glitches. These issues frequently render it useless when we need it most. 

I was recently informed that they have decided to now include the key fob feature on newer model releases. Additionally, Hyundai (a sister company) includes the feature on their competing Palisade model. The decision to gouge loyal customers and force them to use an app to access a pre-paid feature is completely unacceptable. 

In conclusion, we hereby demand that Kia Motors make it right to all current Telluride owners by replacing the current fobs with new fobs (with remote start included) or modify current fobs to include the feature.