Kia Honor your Warranty

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First off, let me start by saying I know there are people on here that have much more serious problems than I do. I appreciate that. But let me tell you why this is so important to me.

There are several things at play here but the bottom line is that this is a large company that has taken advantage of a small person; has taken advantage their customers. The very people that gave them their money. 

My car was serviced by their own department and found to have been maintained properly. They first said they can not honer the warranty due to "extreme driving conditions". I live in an average city. When I was able to show that I did not fall under "extreme driving conditions" they changed their story and said it was inadequate maintenance.

I am unemployed, and they know that... I've told them several times that I can't afford this repair.  This is my only mode of transportation. How am I to get around? How am I to try and get a new job when my car is broken. More importantly I have a new six month old baby. I was told that it was not safe to drive this car. How am I to take my baby to the doctors. How am I to be a good and loving parent when I drive him in a vehicle that is not safe? This car is four years old. In that time it has had 4 recalls. To me that's a lot. I've never had a car that has had so many in so short a time. That just shows that not only do not honor their warranty, they don't make a good and safe product.

I bought my KIA partly because of their "great warranty". I've been paying my monthly fee in good faith, and maintaining my car to the letter of the official manual. They've been more than happy to take my money, but now that something needs to be fixed, they will not honor their warranty.

What is it that needs to be fixed? Nothing more than the entire engine. That's right... I was told that the entire engine needs to be replaced. Can you imagine how much that would cost?

On top of that two different dealers, and their service departments, in conjunction with the corporate office refuse to communicate with EACH OTHER, let alone me. How am I to get anything done?

They have changed their story, lied, and fired a service  manager that agreed with me.

What's more infuriating... apparently this is a regular thing with Kia, to not honor their warranty (do a search on google); to lie about their product... and to get sued and LOSE.

I am not asking for money, I'm not asking for a new car... all I am asking is that they fulfill their LEGAL OBLIGATION!!!

If you own a Kia, If you have had a similar problem, if you have owned a car that wasn't safe... or if you are just tired of the big corporations getting rich by screwing over the little person... than please; please sign my petition.

Thank you,
Richard Belotte


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