University students to be entitled to Concessionary fares

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According to press release today, Bus and train fares will rise by 7 per cent from Dec 28 2019. which means that University students like us, have to pay for adult fares will end up paying nine cents more per trip.

On the other hand, Polytechnic students will see their commuting cost fall. After many years of lobbying, polytechnic students have now seen student concessions extended to them, allowing them to save up to $1.54 per trip.

Are we not students as well?

University studies is actually much more expensive as compared to polytechnic studies. The amount of student debt we incur upon graduation is so immense that it will take us years to clear the debt.

As we are currently not able to afford private transportation, public transport remains our only option to go to and fro school.

Even as concession pass remains available to students at a discount as compared to the adult monthly pass, the undergraduate concession card's price of $85 is more expensive compared to the single trip fares made by students every month, rendering it useless to most students to defray public transportation expenses.

In conclusion, providing undergraduates student concession fare will be imperative in helping students lower living costs and therefore graduate with as little debt as possible. Therefore on behalf of all undergraduates, I urge you to reconsider including undergraduates in the student concession scheme.