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To treat chickens with humanity

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I think its wrong for chickens to be treated like rubbish,they are sentinent and intelligent creatures and deserve a better existence and to be treated humanely and free range the sheds are no better than the cages they get bigger because they leave lights on constantly so they are forever eating then they cannot walk, cooped up before they are used for eating,free range chicken tastes better have a better life battery chicken has no taste and its full of fattening that is not normal. I was shocked to learn in the second World War that because of rationing that battery chickens were first introduced and this may not have been right but when the War ended it has stayed for all these years and the chickens are still suffering,,plus its inhumane that they treat the chicken like a comodity not a animal trimming its beak crudely it feels pain if they are free range there beaks would be natural for pecking around,plus the inhumane killing of all the baby cockerels because they have no use for them so they are sometimes thrown alive into a grinder to be crushed into pet food etc.It is not acceptable and needs to be stopped.If you have free range chickens with people who care you can keep the cockerels to naturally breed with the chickens so it can be controlled naturally.even if you have several cockerels they at a decent age could be humanely killed and still used for pet food etc,the difference is they have had a life and not being thrown into a grinder as a baby.Its not impossible sometimes life has to go backward to come forward...
KFC is one of the culprits have there own processing plants where employees torture and abuse chickens who have broken limbs from the abuse stop the torture of there lives in either cages or in those sheds especially the US

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