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Keystone First Insurance: Allow LPN mom to be her daughter's homecare nurse

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Julia is a 2 year old little girl with a Neuro Genetic Disorder-CDG with PIGN. Julia has epilepsy and has seizures everyday. She is severely developmentally delayed and has severe hypotonia (unable to sit, crawl or stand).

Julia needs nursing care at home. I'm Julia's mother and an LPN and hired by the homecare company. The homecare company is willing to let me provide nursing care to Julia. Keystone First the insurance company isn't allowing me to do the hours. Keystone First prefers to have an outside stranger come in as the nurse rather then allow me to work with my own child.

There are isolated cases where Keystone has allowed moms to cover but only after all Nursing options were exhausted. Meaning if the case can't be staffed then after family has been though meeting nurses, training nurses, speaking to numerous homecare agencies and at least 6 mons has gone by then they will allow the mother.

There are other nurse moms out there in PA providing nursing care. Keystone First does not have this in their Policy. KF has not be able to show me where this is stated in policy because it doesn't exist. One person at KF said to me "o we should allow this so you can do your laundry"? KF has been highly insensitive to me about being Julia's nurse. KF has also now lowered approved hours since I have started this big fight back.

Families with medically compromised children go though so much everyday. Nursing is a part of the picture when you have a chronic ill child. If you have a Nurse available and this Nurse knows this child the best then why would you do this to the special needs child?

This child already has so much against them and Keystone First won't allow mom to be nurse. Mom is nurse and biggest advocate always. The mom has to work. Mom happens to be a Nurse. Child needs Nurse. Wouldn't it make sense to allow mom to do the Nursing? Please sign and help us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for signing and sharing.

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