State of Oklahoma: Remove Judge Kendra Coleman from Office!

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Justice Kendra Coleman discriminates against those with mental disabilities to the point of being combative and antagonistic in response, and abuses her judicial powers to the fullest extent of her whim. 

Her campaign platform was staunchly in support of advocacy for individuals with mental illnesses, and disabled persons. Her actions since taking office have reflected otherwise. 

Personally, I have witnessed Justice Coleman tell a defendant that they were 'intelligent' and therefore must be lying about their mental illness. The defendant's actions in prior hearings and procedures, and again in this instance, proved quite the opposite to be the case. This same defendant was threatened with prison time for simply crying in response to a new court order.

Currently, Justice Kendra Coleman is being fined by the Judicial Ethics Committee for failing to disclose her campaign contributions. She has also been removed from a fatal dog mauling case by the District Attorney, David Prater for being biased; the defense attorney contributed to her campaign, and for having her own experience with a poorly trained animal being aggressive.

Having a mental illness myself, I would be terrified if I had to go in front of this judge for any reason. The sheer thought sends panic attacks straight through the core of my being - she is biased, impartial, and clearly stigmatizes individuals with mental illnesses with extreme prejudice.

Therefore, I humbly request the following:

Remove Justice Kendra Coleman from Office!

Thank you for reading this.