Kevin Smith & Graphitti Designs: Release the "Clerks II" Inaction Figures

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In 2003, toymaker Graphitti Designs released a series of action figures based off writer/director Kevin Smith's 1994 indie film, "Clerks". More precisely, these figures were based off the 2000 spinoff cartoon series, "Clerks: the Animated Series", and featured zero points of articulation (hence, "Inaction Figures"). By all accounts, these were great toys, and were well-received in the market.

In the years that followed, most of Kevin Smith's "Askewniverse" films were granted a set of Inaction Figures, culminating in the 2006 release of the "Chasing Amy" series. But 2006 also saw the release of an unexpected entry into the Askewniverse movie canon: "Clerks II", arguably one of Kevin Smith's greatest films.

Naturally, fans of the "Inaction" line were eager to add another wave of toys to their collections. Kevin Smith teased this inevitable release several times, pledging the "Clerks II" figures would drop with his upcoming film, "Clerks 3". He even posted images of the prototypes, revealing exactly how far along the design process was. But a decade passed, "Clerks 3" died in development hell, and the "Clerks II" Inaction Figures have been in toy-limbo ever since.

What we propose:

• Crowdfund the release of the "Clerks II" Inaction Figures similar to how Hasbro crowdfunded the "Jabba's Sail Barge" toy.

• Set a target number of pledges and allow backers to prepay. If necessary, raise the price-per-figure to maximize the chance of the run meeting adequate backing.

• If successful, consider this approach to expand the line further. I can't believe we never got a T.S. Quint, Suzanne, or Mr. Svenning Inaction Figure.

Thank you!