STARBUCKS! Stop Charging More for Plant Based Milk

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Starbucks - please eliminate the surcharge for plant based milk options!

You walk into your local Starbucks, longing for your favourite coffee, tea, or latte, etc.   To your surprise at checkout you notice you have been charged extra for choosing a plant based alternative milk for your drink!  Your decision for a plant based option could be for one of many reasons.  You believe dairy milk is cruel, or you are lactose intolerant (and likely a person of colour), or you support environmentally sustainable plant based options like soy, oat, or almond based alternatives.

So you ask why are you being charged extra for your right to choose an alternative non-dairy milk Starbucks offers, and you don’t really receive a compelling substantiation for the surcharge!

It’s time for Starbucks to start listening to their loyal customer base and stop this surcharge once and for all.  People who choose a plant based beverage for health, environmental, or animal rights deserve to have this right respected and not be discriminated or disadvantaged by this surcharge.

Starbucks, it’s almost 2020! Time to rise up and do what is right!!