Ask Starbucks to Stop Charging Extra for Vegan Milk!

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It's awesome that Starbucks offers so many delicious vegan milk options—such as soy, coconut,  and almond milk (and even oat milk at select stores)—but customers shouldn't have to pay extra to have dairy-free milk in their drinks. More people than ever before are ditching dairy and going vegan to help animals, save the environment, and improve their own health. It's time that Starbucks stopped charging customers extra for choosing dairy-free milks!

Starbucks should be encouraging customers to choose animal-friendly, vegan milks rather than cow's milk. Many other chains—including Tim Hortons, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Biggby Coffee, Noah's New York Bagels, Philz Coffee, and Costa Coffee—already offer dairy-free milk at no extra charge.

Please urge Starbucks to stop charging extra for vegan milks.