Move forward with opening Headworks OHV area in Genoa Nebraska.

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In the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission response to Loup Public Power Power District's request for rehearing regarding their licensing dated Dec 21 ,2017   Section 116 reads as follows:

"We affirm that Headworks OHV Park is a project-related recreation facility. Therefore, Loup Power District is ultimately responsible for operating and maintaining it, regardless of whether it does so itself or hires a third party. The District’s arguments to the contrary are without merit."

The district continues to publicly say they will not open the park without the help of a third party to run, and ultimately be liable for the park operation. The district has repeatedly said there is a lack of a group with suitable expertise to serve in this capacity.  In fact there has been a group formed willing and able from the same day that Nebraska off highway vehicle association folded. Currently there are two groups willing to serve in this capacity. Midwest Recreational Riders inc. And Headworks Users Group are willing to work together to help with the operations. Headworks users group is comprised of many of the board members that ran the Nebraska off Highway Vehicle Association for the majority of its time in service.

It has been nearly a year since this response with no progress on the opening of headworks and although there are multiple third parties willing to help we believe an undue burden is being asked of those third parties,  namely the requirement of them to assume all liability, security  and daily cost for the operation. This OHV park is listed as a project Recreational facility and we believe it should be reopened as required by section 116.

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