Finally a synthetic track in St George?

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We congratulate Georges River Council on UNANIMOUSLY agreeing to fund an athletics centre in the area. Please take the next steps to building that centre at Riverwood Park without delay.

So what change is needed?

We need you to support this petition to give our politicians confidence that the community support is there to make this great idea happen.

Why is a track needed?

Have you swum without a pool? Played footy without a field? And been competitive?

Is it just for one small group?

No! We want to increase community health and fitness participation and build on our success with all athletes incl. women and athletes from a multicultural background.

The synthetic track also allows people with disabilities to move on a consistent and traffic-free surface.

The synthetic track would allow local schools access to a local competition level athletics centre. This reduces transport costs, travel time, a more suitable date in a crowded curriculum calendar, and gives families more chance of attending.

For over 40 years we hosted our own regional events for schools. The challenges of different venues saw that end.

So why you?

Quite simply, it’s our turn and we’ve waited long enough- about 60 years.

60 years ago one of our club and country’s greatest athletes, the late great Albie Thomas OAM, set two of his four World Records (in Ireland at a brand new track!)

We are one of the oldest running clubs in NSW. Our 100th anniversary is in 2021, when our Little Athletics friends have their 50th. St George is a big region, and the clubs that emerged from our original area have their own dedicated athletics centre.

12 Olympians and Paralympians have worn the red and whites, with many more internationals. We have a current Olympian & National record holder, a current Paralympian, and a current World Cross Country rep (Ben, Nicole and Bridey).

Over the years we have been pushed off the grass tracks in the area, all since becoming strongholds of professional sports which attract heavy government funding. We’ve waited our turn for over 60 years and been overtaken time and again.

Why Riverwood Park?

Other sports have grabbed the viable options from the feasibility study, leaving Riverwood Park which is a reclaimed tip, and had been used by other sports (that have alternatives). It has the prior use, space, and transport access to suit all. 


We, the undersigned petitioners, congratulate Georges River Council on UNANIMOUSLY supporting a dedicated athletics centre in the area. We respectfully call on them and the State Government to take immediate steps to funding that at Riverwood Park and to commence design and construction without delay. Further, that all developments on fields in the area are consistent with that so we get a centre somewhere.


Supporters of running, athletics and community health

Lead by St George District Athletic Club and St George Little Athletics Centre

Once you’ve signed, please promote to your friends and family and contact these 3 great people with the ability to make this happen:

Contact for Mayor Kevin Greene


PHONE: 02 9330 6020



Contact for Minister for Sport




PHONE: 02 4722 8660



Contact for Premier




PHONE: 02 8574 5000