Stop NJ Transit from suspending the Atlantic City Rail Line

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I’m pointing out the injustice that will happen to South Jersey commuters by NJ Transit who is "suspending" the Atlantic City Rail Line in September. By now most of you have read that the line will shut down due to Positive Train Control Installation. It is a complete farce. Half of the work is already completed (the first phase of it, installing the casing). Why would the line need to shut down to complete the second half of the job which requires the SAME type of work that had been done without the line totally shut down? Simple answer is: It doesn't.

PTC is a great thing. It will help stop future accidents. I'm fully supportive of the idea BUT one needs to look beyond what's given to us at face value and think critically for a second. The installation of this safety system is federally mandated. EVERY single rail line across the country is required to have it installed. Will each one shut down to make it happen? Absolutely not! So, then, why is our Atlantic City line doing so? Equipment shortages in North Jersey! I pointed this out last week and told you we are being sold a bill of goods.

NJT has cancelled dozens of trains within the past few weeks. They have tremendous equipment and crew shortages in North Jersey. They NEED the 16-20 cars and 4-5 engines along with all the crews that are allocated to Atlantic City to help with the issues up there. There's no sugar coating it. That's the real reason here folks. They expect the general public to eat up whatever falsehoods they spew without questioning the process.

Where's the outrage? We need to get our local politicians on this issue ASAP. For years they have been making the ACRL inconvenient to ride, cutting trains that delivered commuters to work at the RIGHT TIMES! Now they claim "poor ridership" due to something THEY created. I've stated my opinion on this before: I DO think the line will come back when the issues in North Jersey are figured out, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if in 5 months from now we hear nothing but crickets.

Don't let that happen. Just as Atlantic City is being re-born and actual improvements are being made to bring tourists and new residents in, this happens? If you're interested in preserving a vital South Jersey asset, speak up! Where are you on this issue? 

This rail line is vital for local commuters and residents with disabilities who frequently travel to Philadelphia for medical care and procedures