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A vaster array of vegan alternatives in: restaurants, cafes and local supermarkets

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I had been vegetarian for 4 years prior to becoming vegan. I have frequently heard people speak about the fact they couldn't give up meats, (not so much the case now with such a wide assortment available across the UK) but more commonly that they couldn't stop eating cheese or eggs or other animal produce.. They mention the lack of availability of vegan options in most supermarkets (the closest supermarkets to me hold a metre wide sector of a single aisle with "free-from products" or even less), and the awkwardness that they would feel when going out! It is difficult in quite a few places to find vegan alternatives in restaurants where you don't need to request a pizza without cheese or a sauce with no animal produce included. I so strongly feel that if there were more options there would be more veggies and vegans - less animal cruelty! I also know an abundance of meat-eaters who will happily eat vegetarian and vegan foods, preparing these meals for themselves. All it takes is more options in supermarkets, a vegan cheese and sauce (and just meal choices in general) to be put into place. I really would like this to be recognised. I am only in college myself, but I will keep continuing to advocate for this because we can make this happen. it is in our reach. I understand the dilemma of not wanting to endorse something that will result in less profit than an alternative (the fear of investing and not gaining as much as you would say when investing in animals products) but that's why I have created this petition - with the ambition to collect a myriad of signatures in support) - I hope you can help to make this change. Thank you!

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