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Stop the Killing of Female Grizzly in Yellowstone

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The body of a male hiker was discovered in Yellowstone park on Friday, August 7 and his death is believed to have been caused by a grizzly bear. A preliminary investigation has shown the presence of a female grizzly and at least one cub at the scene where the body was located. Wildlife biologists have set out bear traps in hopes of catching the grizzly responsible for the mans death, once the bear is caught they intend to euthanize her.

Although an attack by a grizzly bear is rare and a female bear acting aggressively to protect her cubs is completely natural behavior, wildlife officials have cited “public safety' as their reason for planning to kill the female grizzly. The public cannot allow this type of irresponsible wildlife management in Yellowstone! In 2011 a female grizzly was involved in a fatal attack on a human in Yellowstone but park officials decided against trapping and killing her since it was determined the presence of cubs forced her to act defensively. When a bear acts defensively and not aggressively it is considered “non” predatory behavior, therefore, not a threat to people. In this current case a man who loved nature and was very familiar with the area chose to hike alone along a trail frequently visited by grizzly bears and sadly he lost his life but his death cannot be rectified by killing the bear responsible.

Tell Yellowstone wildlife officials that you stand strongly against the senseless killing of a female grizzly who was just doing what nature designed her to do, protecting her offspring. 

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