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Petitioning Representative Jackie Speier and 10 others

Kern County Sheriff's Office: Immediate dismissal and prosecution of officers

David Silva, father of four, was beaten to death by the Kern County police. The officers then began harassing and arresting witnesses, after illegally entering homes to confiscate video evidence of their actions. Witnesses state that Silva screamed and cried for help for eight minutes before going silent and making only choking sounds. A half-dozen Kern County sheriff’s deputies were beating Silva with clubs and kicking him, according to witnesses. At least two witnesses captured video of the beating, but before they could send the videos to news media outlets, detectives from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office took their phones before a warrant for them had even arrived. While the incident is being investigated, six deputies and a sergeant who were there during the encounter with Mr. Silva have been allowed to return to full duty while the episode is investigated. Two California Highway Patrol officers were also present. One witnesses account of the aftermath is as following; the witness stated she and her boyfriend were kept from leaving the house for three hours. When her boyfriend tried to leave for work, a detective shoved him, closed the door and told him to hand over his phone, she said. Eventually he did. The brutality and abuse of power by law enforcement must come to an end.

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Representative Jackie Speier
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Kern County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Donny Youngblood
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Senator Barbara Boxer
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U.S. Attorney General/Department of Justice Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General/Department of Justice)
I am signing this petition for the immediate dismissal and prosecution of officers involved in the death of David Silva, harassment of witnesses, and illegal seizure of video recordings pertaining to the event. Action must be taken to show the American public that police brutality will not be tolerated and that our rights granted to us by the U.S. Constitution will be upheld by our elected leaders.

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