Sign and stand together for the street dogs of Satu Mare, Romania

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Help us close down the horrible public shelter that has been torturing, starving, and killing dogs in our hometown in Satu Mare, Romania, for the past twenty years, with the pretense of 'solving' the street dog problem. They will never close down on their own, because while dogs suffer in silence, those benefitting from their pain get richer and richer everyday. They cash in money from vaccinations, medical treatments, registrations, euthanasia, food  (while spending close to 0!!)

The dogs are cruelly dragged from the streets, have to live in their own dirt and blood with very little food, only to be killed 14 days later. They get no medical attention and a lot of them die before those 14 days pass. As soon as a dog ends up there it has zero chances at survival! These horrible people must be STOPPED! And we can not do it without your help.


Please sign/share this petition and urge the city council to close down this cruel shelter who sees stray dogs as 'business'.

  Spay/neuter campaigns must be initiated and the amazing no kill shelter our city has must be fully supported by the city council! 

The street dogs of Romania are hated,poisoned,beaten,stabbed,shot,run over by cars,burned and dumped in pits to starve to death.Hundreds of thousand of innocent dogs condemned to death every year.