Justice for the pregnant elephant who was fed pineapple stuffed with firecrackers

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A pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala’s Malappuram, after she was fed a pineapple stuffed  with explosives by locals. The gentle soul had come out from the nearby forest to the village in search of food. When she ate the pineapple, the firecrackers burst inside her mouth, causing her unbearable pain and agony. She roamed around hungry, unable to eat anything. But even in distress, the gentle giant did not hurt a single villager or damage any homes. To alleviate her pain, she went and stood in a river with her mouth and trunk submerged. Forest officials who were called in couldn’t rescue her and she died standing in a river. 
The elephant trusted the people. But, the unsuspecting animal was betrayed horrendously. She was not a threat in any way, as far as the news goes, and the only reason behind this crime is a sick mind finding pleasure from causing pain to innocent creatures. The barbaric act only demonstrates utter insensitivity towards other beings. The culprits need to be brought to justice and punished so that they cannot hurt any other man or animal. They should be given the maximum punishment possible to serve as a deterrent to those who would consider harming another animal. Please do not let these kind of horrendous acts go unpunished. It is the same kind of disregard for others’ lives that fuels the murder of a black person by an arrogant cop in Minneapolis or the murder of a pregnant elephant by a heartless local in Kerala. Please sign the petition so that such brutality towards animals stop, bring the people who were responsible for this unimaginable cruelty to justice, and be the voice for those who do not have one. 
No doubt, this is one of many cruelties that was only brought to light because of a good forest officer who spread the word on social media. Beyond this one case, animal cruelty all over the world is horrible and largely ignored. With this case and action on others, punishments must be doled out, and criminals need to be brought to justice.