Government of Kenya to pay Kenyan Nurses COVID-19 risk allowance as long as COVID-19 Exist

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The COVID-19 has presented us the public with unprecedented circumstances, like the rest of the world. While we remain committed to sanitizing, wearing masks and social distancing during the unprecedented times, we are becoming increasingly worried about what the future holds for every Kenyan citizen. As you know, we all face uncertainties with Covid 19 exposure as community spread worsens. We had been hopeful that this pandemic would come to an end within short duration.
However, we understand the spread seems to be worsening as day goes by. Serious concerns arise when we look at the cost of managing Covid 19. Per patient COVID-19 case management costs in hospitals are substantial ranging from KES 21,359 per day for asymptomatic patients, KES 21,361 per day for patients with mild symptoms, KES 24,705 for patients with severe disease and KES 51,684 for critical COVID-19 patients in ICU’s.
But serious concerns about nurses risk as frontline workers have been raised. With the risk allowance of Kes 3850, they cannot afford to pay for asymptomatic management. Sadly, some of the nurses have been exposed requiring critical care with others losing their dear lives while waging war on our behalf. If nurses cannot afford to pay for their own health what of a common man!
In the light of this development, we wish to raise an appeal to the Government of Kenya(GOK) as public interest to pay nurses covid-19 risk allowance as long as they put their lives for the sake of the public and nurses are to be paid a risk allowance of KSHs. 40,000 to be introduced in their pay slips permanently.  Nurses are three times more susceptible to nosocomial infections more now brought out clearly during this COVID-19 pandemic than any other health worker. For every one other health worker infected with COVID-19, there are three nurses infected. Current statistics show that 18% of all health workers infected are nurses, 6% doctors, 6% clinical officers, Volunteers 3%, Pharmacists 3%, Laboratory officers 7% other staff 3%.

Also provide them with preventive and protective equipment. Limiting their covid 19 risk allowance to the 3 months is not only jeopardizing their lives but also the lives of the public. If they perish, the public also perish. The last thing we all and our loved ones need is to be attended by skilled personnel when the worst strikes.

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