KWS, stop Monkey massacre in Murang'a !

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Apes and monkeys have no inherent motivation to terrorize. They have neither political nor religious motivations that buttress definition of terrorism. They’ve no need or practical intelligence to usurp human civilization and build empires. They only have ‘theory of mind’ according to Science mag journal (2016): Humans aren’t the only great apes that can ‘read minds’

Monkey and apes have no intrinsic criminal mind unless taught love for money, chocolate and sunglasses like Macaques from Indonesia – monkeys innocently do not wish to hoard earthly rot like humans, their close cousins. The non-human primates especially Vervet monkeys are communists.

They stay in close-knit loving families; sharing providence, cuddling pleasurably; mating when craving strikes; playfully grinning to their last molar, chattering when high; comparing the size of their genitals, fluidly and agilely swinging from branch to branch, from tree to tree baring their bottoms. Munching juice bursting fruits and eating a fill of sustaining herbs. Studies have proved that human cousins are sentient beings that feel twinges of pain, tingling pleasure, illusions of hope and a desire to raise responsible young ones driven by primitive instinct to continue their progeny as such is the intricate design of nature.

The sentient beings just like humans cherish the earth as their rightful home, but unlike humans, they have no thoughts of the afterlife.They only live in an eternal present. Monkeys and all crawlers, slithers, hoppers, divers and birds of a feather are rightful dwellers of the earth. Their home could be Nairobi Park, Muranga or Khiwsero; Kichakamwkaju it doesn’t matter where one is born. It shouldn’t matter.

After independence in 1963, industrial dawn in Kenya unfolded. Diabolical industrial plumes were planted and into the unspoiled skies, they clambered blasphemously. Uncensored toxins were spewed with abandon – and as years rolled by it worsened as skies of Nairobi darkened. Birds hurtled down, others flew away. Haphazard iron clad cubes sprawled, trees fell under axe and saw, swaths of lands where animals roamed freely were seized by grabbers The voices of reasons such as Prof Wangari Mathaai dueled with ‘untouchables’ and managed to salvage Uhuru park even as monstrous edifices crept in.

Muranga then was a rusty ‘mabati‘ clothed town that slumbered far away in the outskirts of industrial civilization.The residents co-existed with apes and monkeys like good neighbours. Muranga people ate ‘warus’ in peace, while apes prospered in the forest, siring and filing the habitat. Until the encroachment of wildlife habitats through deforestation and human instigated famine caused human-wildlife conflict as apes came out to seek sustenance.

On Monday, 5th 2014 in the business daily Africa the KWS spokesperson Paul Mbugua would  was quoted  ‘destruction of natural habitats was the key driver of the decline in animal population’.The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources  around  that time let an alert for the worrying decline of a rare monkey species, the Tana River Red Colobus – which is only found in Kenya, and repeatedly warned that monkeys face extinction due to encroachment habitats by human activities. According to BBC Nature, several studies indicate that African ape populations are under enormous pressure and in decline.A 2016 report by International Livestock Research Institute indicated that Kenya’s wildlife is in precipitous and catastrophic decline as sheep and goats populations burgeon.

It is against this backdrop that Kenya Wildlife Services ( KWS), now technically insolvent according to a recent report is on monkey killing spree in Muranga. Please compel  the  KWS  to stop senseless killing of Monkeys that are displaced from their habitats by human instigated famine and  destruction of forests.Thank you.