Let Kenyan students keep their hair

Let Kenyan students keep their hair

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Help Kenyan students to have freedom with their hair.

For generations, passed down from the colonial period, Kenyans and most probably many other African countries have been forced to shave (boys and some girls) and/or style their hair a specific way (mostly girls).

Many people do not understand the motive of the whole culture. Initially, Africans were forced to shave their hair by colonial powers because it was seen as 'dirty', 'unhealthy' and 'untidy'. Therefore, our current school heads, who were children back then, were brought up in a culture where shaving hair was a mandatory practice and seemed neat to them.

Now understanding the point and motive of the whole practice, it brings us to an ultimatum that other than colonial manipulation, there is no just reason to have Kenyan children shave their hair. If neatness is really the problem with the current school heads, then a rule should be enforced that states that; it is allowed to keep long hair but it is MANDATORY to keep it neat and whoever is in breach of the stated rule, should then get a penalty to shave their hair.

The issue of hair shaving and/or specific styling is deeply irritating, especially knowing that the only reason why such laws are being enforced can easily be contained and solved

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