Mombasa county oppose the 2222 Traffic as unconstitutional

Mombasa county oppose the 2222 Traffic as unconstitutional

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Dear Mr Tawfiq Balala

I write this letter to you as a senior citizen of Mombasa County, as well as a tourism/aviation stake holder for last 3 decades.

The subject matter is your unilateral and ad hoc enforcement of an overhauled traffic flow system in Mombasa without weighing the full consequences of these changes.

You did not take into account the following:

1. It is *not* a rule of thumb that members of the public who have not ended up being in positions of political leadership, are implicitly dumb, and therefore incapable of analysing a problem, and even offering solutions to the problem.

2. Analysing a traffic problem in a town we have lived in all our lives, is not rocket science and therefore, any road user can analyse the problem, if any, and offer solutions, if required.

3. Having lived in Mombasa all my life, as a senior citizen of this beautiful town of ours with a rich heritage of culture, religion, history, tourism and multi-ethnicity, and most important, having been a driver on the roads of Mombasa for over 40 years, please listen to what I have to say. I do not want to go into the mayhem which has gripped Mombasa from 2nd February 2022, there is more than adequate evidence of the chaos, disruption, inconveniences, risk to life, etc which have resulted from the new system you have imposed on the citizens of Mombasa.

4. In my opinion, Mombasa traffic flow system has, and continued to serve its residents fine, there is nothing to suggest that a radical overhaul was required. I do not even want to vent my anger on _tuk tuks, matatus_ or _kokotenis._ We have learned to live with them, if that’s the only way they can operate to survive, then so be it, that still makes them useful citizens of our County. Until their services are substituted with alternatives, and they are adsorbed into the economy to continue earning their livelihoods, Mombasa residents are happy to have them.

5. Are any changes even required to the traffic flow system, or perhaps you trying to solve a problem that does not even exist? My opinion, is, we do not have a traffic congestion problem in Mombasa to warrant radical change in systems. It is my opinion that, *in the short term*, no changes are required, except (and these are not really changes):

(i) Reactivate traffic lights at Buxton, Saba Saba and Kengeleni. There is no need for human intervention to control traffic at any time of the day or night. We were doing fine with traffic flow until you stopped using traffic lights. If you must keep your traffic marshals busy, use them only for ensuring compliance with the traffic lights.

(ii) At Digo Road round-about, your marshals should only ensure that the laid down rules are followed, mainly the right of way. If this is impractical, then traffic lights will do the job well. Simply replace the round-about with a small island for traffic lights. At the post office junction we have no problems. We also do not have any issues at the Nkrumah round-about, nor Station Road, Makupa, Mwembe Tayari, Lebanon. That’s it – that is all there is to Mombasa traffic.

(iii) We do not need to change anything on the feeder roads, these are critical to our connectivity. Most residences are served by feeder roads, and they offer convenient connections to the main arteries, both ways. They give us convenient exits when the main arteries are clogged. Why interfere with them?

6. As a *long term solution*, you only need to address the traffic density along the north coast. The traffic density along the Nyali Bridge is not because the dual carriageway bridge is inadequate. It is because the dual carriageway ends abruptly after the bridge. The road from the Nyali Bridge to (at least) Mtwapa needs to be made into a dual carriageway. This project is late by about 20 years, but better late than never. If the national government has spent so much on expanding the Changamwe roads, the County government should prevail upon the national government to prioritize the Nyali Bridge-Mtwapa road. This will also ease the traffic along the Links Road because many motorists are diverting to Links Road only to later connect the Mombasa Malindi highway to avoid the Bombolulu gridlock.

In closing, Mr Tawfiq Balala, my request to you is to immediately scrap the new traffic flow system and revert to the pre-2222 system, but with activated traffic lights. Three days of experimenting with tax payers’ routine movements to/from schools, work, business, hospitals, home, etc is enough. The earlier you take corrective action, the quicker this nightmare will be forgotten by Mombasa owners, which are the people of Mombasa.

Yours truly


47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!