STOP! political persecutions​.​Intolerance, Police Brutalities and Human rights violations

STOP! political persecutions​.​Intolerance, Police Brutalities and Human rights violations

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KENYA DIASPORA CHAPTER DIASPORA started this petition to kenya government and


The Kenyan community in diaspora is concerned over the current political activities and temperatures in Kenya and wish to petition the international community over the issues outlined bellow , we are extremely worried


From 2017, Kenya has witnessed rampant disobedience of court orders which continue to be on the rise signaling a trend that puts the rule of law, independence and dignity of courts under threat. Worse, senior government/public officials are top on the list of people disregarding court orders at will led by the president himself.

Courts are temples of justice and the places of refuge for those seeking justice and protection against rogue and dictatorial regimes. Our courts must be jealously protected by all Kenyans who believe in the rule of law,

Judicial officials must never be despoiled or threatened through acts of physical transgressions, blatant disregard of their pronouncements or political or public threats as done by President Uhuru and his executive arm of government, The recent disregard of court orders are acts that are inimical to the rule of law and puts our country oi odd with the constitutional outlook.

Defying court orders, threatening and intimidating judges and judicial officers by the executive could plunge Kenya into anarchy and civil strife.


The unwillingness of Kenyatta regime to put up with disagreeing ideas and groups has become order of the day. We have regrettably witnessed political intimidations and persecutions of those opposed to dictatorship and poor governance. The famous Friday arrests which have become part of Kenya government policy implemented by seniors’ government officials from harambee house is a scary and a threatening trend if unchecked. Abuse of office and misuse of Kenya police service an institution that ought to be neutral is a worrying trend as Kenya heads to the elections in 2022.

Withdrawal of security officers of members of parliament, revoking their gun licenses as it happened to Kimani Ichungwa, Kimani Ngunjiri just to mention a few is a dangerous trend that can put this country to full blown instability if unchecked. Kenyans have also witnessed arrests and detentions of politicians allied to Kenya deputy president with fabricated charges preferred against them. Their political gatherings have been teargassed including and not limited to churches, hotels conference halls and grounds, and in public facilities. This is pure political intolerance, intimidations and persecutions.

Frustrating, intimidatating,insulting disrespecting and hamulating the second in command,  Elected  Deputy president of the republic of kenya by junior government officials under full glare and authority of the president, is not only  undemocratic and unconstitutional but it is dangerous considering the huge following that the deputy president commands across the country. Kenyans in diaspora call for political Tolerance and end of political persecutions,intimidations and police brutality



The police without apparent justifications or provocations have attacked, beaten and shot people at market or returning home from work even before the daily start of curfew. Many of their victims are law abiding citizen going about their business in these tough economic times of poor governance. police have also broken into homes, shops bars and other business premises to extort money from residents or looted in the dark from small businesses leaving with money, food, alcohol drinks across the country. It is shocking that people are losing their live, properties, and freedom to police service men and women who ought to protect them. The Kenya police has gone rogue and is no different from vigilante groups.

Most of these victims of police brutalities were buried without a word from the government and the president gave a blanket apology while at the same time blaming the victims for disobedience.

On august 1st 2021 two twin brother from Kithangiri  village  Mrs. Benson Njiri 22yrs and Emmanuel Mutura 19yrs were picked by police just before the curfew in Kianjoma shopping center hours bundled in a police pickup and never made it home or to the police station.

Efforts to trace them that night and on 8/2nd were unfruitful for police gave contradicting information. Unfortunately, the search ended on 3rth after their bodies full of brutal trauma were discovered in a morgue, this is just a sample of how our Kenya police is operating with impunity and outside of the law with full supervision of the president, CS Matiangi and PS Kibichu. This cases spreads all over the country and will need to be documented.








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