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Racers in Action: Stand Against Higher Ed Budget Cuts

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As part of the Racer Family, it is time to stand up and defend our university from the budget cuts that our Governor is proposing.  With his proposal, our university will have to make major changes that will affect the quality of the education we are receiving, which in turn could drastically affect the careers of current and future students. 

This year alone, his proposal includes a 4.5% ($2,161,100) cut in state funding.  Starting July 1, 2016, the state funding will have a more permanent reduction of 9% ($4,322,200) for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Following that, the 2017-18 budget will include a deduction of another 1/3 of the budget to be put in a pool for "performance funding."  We have the opportunity to "earn" back some, all, or more of that money based on performance metrics that have not even been identified at this point.  The performance funding will continue when, in 2019, another 1/3 of the funding will be put into the pool for reallocation.  And finally, in 2020 we will have ZERO base state funding to work from as all of the money will be put into the performance funding pool to be divided up based on the performance standards.  In other words, the universities will be competing against each other on standards that are yet to be determined. 

With the proposal of these drastic cuts and "performance funding," it is nearly impossible for the university to project a budget.  Meaning, budgeting needs and academic offerings will have to be seriously examined over the next few weeks.

There are other interesting things in this proposal to think about as well. While all of the universities in Kentucky received a 4.5% cut this school year, along with a 9% cut for 2017 with performance funding to follow, two universities (WKU and NKU) are receiving additional funds as an "equity adjustment."  WKU will receive $5.1 million and NKU will receive $10.7 million starting next year.  They are also the highest tuition schools in Kentucky and have been allowed to continue to hike their tuition higher each year. 

Facts about Murray State:

As Murray State's enrollment has increased by 8% since 2007, our state appropriations have decreased by 14.3%.

We currently have the second lowest tuition in the Commonwealth and Murray State currently gives away millions of dollars annually in scholarships and financial aid. 

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