Remove AG Daniel Cameron from office

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AG Daniel Cameron has time and again proven he does not care about all of us as Kentuckians.

He refuses to take action on the murderers of EMT Breonna Taylor. 

He files frivilous lawsuits over the COVID-19 Pandemic response that will result in Kentuckians getting sick. 

His lawsuits will result in the preventable deaths of hundreds of Kentuckians.

He is only listening to a very small part of his constituents. 

He needs to step down, or the KY General Assembly needs to remove him from office.

To the General Assembly of Kentucky- You have a responsibility to impeach and remove him from office. OR allow the citizens of this great state the ability to recall him in a special election.  When someone is actively working against the interests of your constituents, you have a duty to protect them. In the time of a pandemic, the words of public health officials need to be heeded.