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Stop Euthanizing black bears and relocate them instead

We should all band together to stop the Kentucky Dept of Fish and wildlife from euthanizing poor defenseless black bears instead of relocating them to places where they can thrive. No animal should be killed simply because they happen to end up in a place where there are people. They have already euthanized at least one bear for being "Near a hospital in a wooded area". This bear was not aggressive, had not hurt anyone, and to my knowledge had also not been fed by anyone. The reasoning behind the euthanization was that the bear had lost it's fear of people. Here is a link to the article where they killed this animal. In a previous article they had acknowledged that the bear population was wandering further due to a lack of food and water, and also breeding season. They had also stated they would trap the bears to move them out of the area, not to euthanize them. Here is a link to this article This should be stopped.

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