Amending FCPS High School Curriculum: Support the addition of “African American Studies”

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George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and Michael Brown are among hundreds of black people killed in the hands of police officers. Yet, these tragedies did not start with police brutality. It began four hundred years ago with lynching and segregation. It has taken media coverage to illuminate the unjust systematic failures against black people and people of color.

We must educate those around us and ourselves to dismantle the systematic racism that exists internally, interpersonally, and institutionally. We continue to confront this harsh reality.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Fayette County School Board to make "African American Studies" a course offered at each public high school in the district. This course seeks to explore and understand the African American experience in the United States.

It is merely not enough to come on the intercom during Black History Month and remain silent for the rest of the year. By offering and eventually requiring African American Studies, it helps confront and eradicate racial stereotypes. We know how malleable youth can be by these pressing issues.

The district’s vision is to ensure that “all Fayette county public schools graduates are prepared for college and careers, engaged fully in their communities and ready to excel in a global society.” However, it is this vision that does not include a comprehensive approach to fostering an inclusive academic environment that is all-encompassing of the students it serves.

These signatures are the first step to gaining traction on this matter. This is an opportunity to leverage education as a tenet of success—one that includes every narrative.