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Berserk 2D - An Accurate Representation Post The Golden Age

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Hello all,

If you're reading this it's probably because like me, you're a huge and passionate fan of Kentaro Miura's Berserk Manga.

The purpose of this petition is simple - To get the animation and atmosphere of the Berserk animation back to the state it should be, because in its current state it fails to capture the chilling, brooding, dark and gritty atmosphere of the Manga and manages to break immersion every single episode.

So far we're four episodes in and every episode has been a huge disappointment on the animation front, more so with character expressions than anything else. The 3D models are lifeless, wooden and largely unresponsive. It makes the characters appear as if they lack any form of emotion and as a viewer is very hard to relate to. The 2D work is great. I've done my research and most fans wish the series to go back to being a 2D show (just like the incredible 1997 series) and wish for whoever is in charge of the God Hand flashbacks to animate the whole thing, because there they look as though they should.

MAPPA is an amazing studio responsible for Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis and Garo: Honoo no Kokuin. Both of these are incredibly dark and atmospheric, with good pacing, suitable music to set the mood and very stylistic 2D/3D animation. MAPPA can do dark and brooding, so calling them in to help and oversee this 2016 adaptation would be a very big step in the right direction.

The good - The small amount of 2D animation featured is very good. The stylistic fighting is also quite good. The voice acting is superb, with each voice actor fitting their characters well. What has been followed is mostly true to the Manga.

The bad - Music is played in places where there should just be silence, breaking immersion and feeling very out of place. The Glitch/Dubstep remixes of old songs make the show cheesy and laughable, not epic as it should be. If some of the soundtrack is being used from the 2012/13 movies, then it doesn't need to be sliced up so it should just be left as it is, though re-using the original 97 Animé soundtrack would have been far better. The animation on the 3D CGI models are terrible. They make the characters feel so rigid and emotionless. Casca is also an issue, because the show now represents her as someone who's been lobotomised, not as an adult with a mind that's regressed back into the state of a childs. Lastly, the story that has been included plays out in a different order to the Manga, so anyone who hasn't read the Manga won't understand that the Apostle in the Mansion was actually the one who invaded Godo's home and Forge, forcing Guts to pull the Dragonslayer Sword off of the wall and using it for the first time. Also, that Demon child came out of Casca's womb for anyone wondering why a Demonic baby has just come onto the scene. I'm bringing this up because it was not made clear to friends of mine who haven't read the Manga.

To fix this - 3D should be abolished, with 2D animation taking precedence. The soundtrack should go back to being more traditional, only being played at appropriate times to empower mood, atmosphere and immersion. The story should follow the Manga to the page and not create its own content, or play with the sequential order of already existing plotlines. Also, it was advertised as featuring the Black Swordsman, yet that whole Arc has been skipped along with the Lost Children Arc when these are two very important plots. Berserk should also not be censored. It's targeting a Seinen demographic and yet the show feels more aimed towards a Shounen audience.

This is the first petition I've ever made and I've made it out of pure passion for Berserk. Most people really did not like the 3D aspects of the Golden Age films and still we're given 3D instead of 2D. It makes little sense to me.

The show does some things right. It's definitely not all bad, but most of it lacks spirit and more importantly, fails to remain true to the Manga in a lot of instances. I know without feedback, the series won't sell come its Blu-Ray release and it'll look like people aren't interested in it, when really that's not the case at all. Berserk is arguably the best written and drawn Manga series of all time. It has a huge following, but fans just want to see it done right.

Berserk has the potential to be one of the best Animé shows of all time and with my guidance above and a little research on behalf of the production studios responsible for this, it can still happen. The wrongs just need to be rectified, so please Kentaro Miura, Liden Films and all involved, please see this as a constructive complaint that will help you to deliver an animation that fans can love. More Berserk is good, but the quality just isn't there. If you take on board the criticism and feedback from the masses and do this right, demand will increase, revenue will increase, the backlash will dissipate and you'll be left with a series that instils confidence in people, enticing more studios to get involved with any and all future Berserk projects.

You have a game on the way with KOEI/Tecmo and have gone to a lot of effort in reviving the series, so please don't let that be for nothing and take on board what we, as fans of Miura and the series would love to see and as a last resort, if that doesn't work, we could always look into crowdfunding a production studio to do things right. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

If you agree with my points or have some of your own to add, please sign and share this petition, along with your personal thoughts and comments. Hopefully we can get this to reach Miura and Liden to understand there is a huge problem here. Even just one opinion can make a difference if it reaches the right person.



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