Bring Back KSD Sports

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The KSD has made the decision to not host sports this coming year until we are back in school. This would be a fair deal, if every other school district in the state was in agreement. But they are not. The KSD is the only district right now in the state of Washington that will not be returning to play sports starting February 1st. 

Studies from other states that are similar to Washington in model of returning back to sports show that it is safe to do so. For example, Michigan, who decided to play football last fall instead if delaying until spring time did a study and found that 99.6% of all COVID test given to football players during the season came back negative. The CDC and Governor Jay Inslee have both said returning to small group training of 6 or less with social distancing and masks required. Sports will not be played unless we meet a certain COVID threshold anyways, we are just asking for an opportunity to compete if our region is able to meet that landmark.


Finally, the KSD is using us athletes as leverage to try and get our teacher back into buildings. The teachers union does not want to go back until a certain amount of teachers are vaccinated. So the KSD just basically said “oh well then there will be no athletics”. This is extremely unfair to both us and the teachers. There has been so much wrong doing by the KSD and we deserve a chance to play this year.