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Conduct a full investigation into the South Thanet electoral fraud claims

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Kent Police have received credible reports of electoral fraud in the Thanet South constituency where UKIP's Nigel Farage stood. However, they have quickly brushed these aside saying "no evidence" of electoral fraud has been found.

This statement is issued after an unrealistically short 'investigation' where the public have received no answers.

  • Why did it take so long for the result to be announced? Thanet declaration times: 

    2015: 10.30am
    2010: 3:17am
    2005: 4:44am
    2001: 3:33am
    1997: 3:12am

  • It is claimed the ballot boxes went missing - for a whole 6 and a half hours. In 6 and half hours the "missing" South Thanet votes could have been unboxed, adjusted, re-sealed and delivered for counting.
  • Whistleblowers have claimed the votes have already been shredded, when they should be kept for a year at least. Why would they want to get rid of the votes so soon after the election? Why are these claims not being looked into? The media also seems to be barely reporting it.
  • Officials have said the delays were caused by "the sheer volume of ballot papers" and problems "verifying the postal vote". This "sheer volume" of votes has been counted and dealt with before in previous elections in a third of the time. As for being unable to verify the postal vote... well, you can make up your own mind on that one.
  • In the Thanet District Council election UKIP won a majority gaining 7848 more votes than the Conservatives, taking control of the council. However, UKIP gained 2812 less votes than the Conservatives in the South Thanet election. If you voted for UKIP in the council elections, surely you'll vote for the party's leader as your MP? While realising this is not always the case, the difference in votes is too great to ignore. Doesn't this all seem a bit strange to you? 
  • And finally, two weeks before the election UKIP's leader was a whole 9% ahead of the Conservatives in the polls, showing some of the highest public support for Mr Farage since the summer of 2014. What happened?

If you find it all a bit too hard to believe, support this petition for a full, fair and thorough inquiry into the matter. Together we can force a proper investigation - and get some answers.

Please use the hashtag #ThanetRigged on Twitter and share this petition in any way you can! Please also consider chipping in a couple pounds after you've signed to promote this petition to likeminded people!

-- In a further concerning development Labour’s former council leader in Thanet, Iris Johnston, has been caught on camera allegedly ‘helping’ a member of the public to cast their ballot, peering over the voter's shoulder. According to the Electoral Commission, polling agents should not stand in a position that would compromise the secrecy of the ballot. Allegations have also emerged that unidentified tellers, who were counting the votes on the day, were overheard bragging that they had “torn up” and “discarded” many UKIP votes. However, the source of these claims, circling around social media, has not yet been identified. --

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