Shut Down Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm

Shut Down Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm

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On the 7th March 2018, we first reported the Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm in Bethersden, to Kent Trading Standards and DEFRA, after finding upwards of 50 dead, decomposed, sheep and lambs scattered around the field and in waterways.

Kent Trading Standards issued an improvement notice. 

On the 11th February 2019, we were told the same is happening again. Over multiple visits, this is some of what we discovered:
A decomposing calf, in the wooded area with other grazing cows.
Multiple dead sheep and lambs in different states of decomposition. 
Live sheep stuck in thick mud. 
Lambs dumped in another field.
Orphaned lambs far outnumbering ewes, each ewe had 3-5 lambs trying to suckle. Many had died.
A sick lamb, alone in a ditch, still wet from being born.

If the authorities had acted correctly last year, this could have been prevented.

This farmer is getting away with breaking laws that are set out in the Animal Welfare Act. This is the second year in a row that we have documented and reported this, locals say it's happened for years.

We urge Kent County Council to push for prosecution and remove the animals in the farmers care.

Please see our Facebook page for more information and photographs - Kent Animal Defenders