Safer Roads for Schools in Dartford

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The roads around our schools should be safe for all children and their parents. Too often in Dartford, we see dangerous parking, cars travelling at too high speeds and lack of safe spaces to cross our busy roads. Heavy traffic on roads around our schools negatively impacts the health of our children through air pollution., a UK Road safety charity state the following -  A vehicle travelling at 20mph would stop in time to avoid a child running out three car-lengths in front. The same vehicle travelling at 25mph would not be able to stop in time and would hit the child at 18mph. This is roughly the same impact as a child falling from an upstairs window. The greater the impact speed, the greater the chance of death. A pedestrian hit at 30mph has a very significant one in five chance of being killed. This rises significantly to a one in three if they are hit at 35mph

We know that residents want to see action. That’s why Dartford Labour are calling on Kent County Council and Dartford Borough Council to introduce

·         20mph speed limits on all roads which neighbour primary schools

·         A safe crossing point at every school for kids and their parents to get to and from school safely

·         Tough action on dangerous and anti-social parking. Parking restrictions near schools need to be enforced

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Kelly Grehan and Sarah Crook