A harsher Punishment for Kennett Eagles Football Team

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I’m truly appalled by decisions of Kennett Eagles football team. I would like to know what came through your minds when you decided to beat an unsuspecting duck with a broom and then continue to strangle it to “put it out of its misery” you killed an animal. An innocent animal it truly makes my disgusted that you’re ONLY OUT FOR A COUPLE OF GAMES. I truly wonder what made you do this. I am 100% ashamed to walk the same halls as you at school. It is not tolerated by me or anything else and if it were me deciding your punishment you would not be playing your 2019 football season. To all the people who let this happen as well shame on you too. Words can't describe how angry I am at all people who are letting this go on without severe punishment. No one cares if those boys lose their reputation or their college scholarship. You football players bring a lot of shame and disgrace to all students, athletes, teachers, admin, and our school overall.